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The day had been a long drawn out one and a day where nobody was home. Jack knew that nobody would be home for a while so I decided to try something else. Jack knew that there were clothes in the attic that were some girls clothes he wasn't quite sure who's they were he thought that they were at one point his sisters but he wasn't really sure.
He walked to the hallway and pulled down the string to open up the stairs, he made sure to close the door so no one would catch him. He remembered the first time he found the clothes when he was about 10 and he loved the feel of the clothes it was around that time the feels that he wanted to be a girl became fully apparent to him.

He flipped on a flashlight that he had brought up with him and started to look around the attic, he looked at the various boxes and toys that he been placed up there. And soon he found the box that he was looking for. It was a plain brown box that had some duct tape to close it. He slowly began to open it. The first thing that he pulled out was the bra which he had discovered was a 32b cup bra. He felt the piece of clothing it was soft and silky. He also knew that it was blue, which was his favorite color.

The next things that he pulled out were panties that were also blue to match the bra that too felt quite soft. After that he proceeded to pull out the main outfit which was a black skirt and a white blouse. He looked around to find a mirror that was in the attic he was lucky to find that some more light had come into the attic so that he could see. He then stripped off his shirt followed by his pants and underwear.

He took the panties and slowly slipped them on making sure to slide back his penis so that he looked more like a girl. Next he grabbed the bra and put it on and finally hooking the back to complete it. He looked in the mirror and wondered what he would actually look like as a girl before moving on to the skirt. He put his legs into the skirt and pulled them up over the panties he was wearing, and then he reached over and zipped it up. Finally he slipped on the blouse it was at this point that he normally would put on a wig and walk around pretending that he was a girl. However this time it was different, he suddenly realized that the attic was changing. He saw a bed appear and a wall appear where the window was in a matter of seconds he found himself back in his own room and he wasn't quite sure what to do next.

Suddenly the door started to open and before long he saw his sister at the door.

"Jack I was wondering where you where, do you want to come to the store with me…" She trailed off as she saw him

He was shocked and quite red and was about to say something before his sister spoke.

"Well, surprisingly that looks really good on you. If you wanted to dress like that you should have told me I would have helped you."

He was stunned but at the same time he was quite comforted by what she had to say and he had only on word for her.


"Sure so you want to go to the store."

He wasn't sure if he wanted to go out in it even if he did like it suddenly he began to feel his whole body tingle and soon he could feel changes.

The first thing he felt was that his hair was growing longer down to past his ears. He felt his body shrink slightly making him about the same size as his sister. He felt as his arms got smaller and smoother followed by his legs as his body hair disappeared. He felt as his face changed to a more female form and he could feel as his chest began to expand. As that was happening he could fell as his penis was shrinking and as his testicles were being pulled into his body to form into ovaries. Finally he felt as the last of his penis was pulled into his body and as her vagina had formed.

She was amazed that her new chest was fitting the bra she was wearing and the fact that the entire outfit fit perfectly as well.

"Wow Jackie! You look amazing."

"You mean I am a girl…"

"You are now."

"Let me explain you see I am magical and so are you now, everybody kind of knew what was going on that something wasn't right with you. So one day I followed you and discovered what you were doing, at first I was mad but then I thought maybe there is more."

"The spell turns you into a girl and it also changes reality for you, you now have memories of both being a boy and a girl. The immediate family knows what happened but your friends will think you were always a girl. The spell will last for a few days, but I can make it permanent if you want."  

Jackie was amazed she could remember being a girl, and she felt great about it and she felt great in her new clothes as well. Jackie ran over to her sister and hugged her.

"Thank you I feel great."

"So, do you want to go to the story with me so we can talk?"

"Sure, I would love to."

"You might want to be careful it's kind of windy out there."

"Oh, don't worry about that." She said instinctive folding down her skirt.

She talked to her sister about what was going on and soon the topic turned to if her sister could make it permanent. And soon enough she would her sister would gain to a new sister.
A story i thought of and wrote the part about the sister coming in was from another story i saw. Anyway i hope you like it.
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I like this.
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